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What is infrared imaging?

Infrared imaging
Infrared (IR) imaging is a versatile diagnostic tool with a wide array of applications, and one of the most vital is inspecting the building envelope. By detecting temperature variations on surfaces and translating them into distinguishable color patterns, IR imaging pinpoints areas where heat may be escaping or cold air intruding. Along with other non-distractive testing methods, it provides a comprehensive evaluation of a property's energy losses, paving the way for enhanced energy conservation.
Comfortable room
By spotlighting discrepancies in insulation and pinpointing areas of potential heat loss within this envelope, modern infrared technologies provide property owners with substantial energy savings, increased property value, as well as added comfort and peace of mind.


Automated 360 Scans

Introducing our innovative automated 360-degree scan: a groundbreaking approach to ensuring every inch of the inspection area is covered. This method minimizes human error while allowing inspectors to multitask. As the device scans, other evaluations can be simultaneously conducted, optimizing on-site efforts.

3D Global Mappings

We're ushering in a new era with our unique aggregated 3D mapping. This method offers an in-depth view of a property's thermal distribution, beyond the capabilities of 2D imaging. Such a perspective reveals spatial patterns, guiding inspectors towards areas needing a closer look.

Temporal Views

Monitoring thermal patterns over extended periods was once labor-intensive. Our approach transforms this, offering efficient tracking of these temporal shifts. This insight allows thermographers to understand the intermittent and inconsistent nature of thermal anomalies, informing better insulation strategies.


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Eliminating the Second Visit

The inconvenience and inefficiency of having to re-inspect areas due to missed sections are no longer a concern. With our pioneering automated 360-degree scan, comprehensive coverage is guaranteed in the first go. This ensures that every section is scrutinized thoroughly, preventing the need for subsequent visits. Inspectors can now be more efficient, ensuring that no energy leaks or moisture intrusions escape their watchful eye during the initial assessment.

Looking at the Forest, Not Just the Trees

Traditional infrared imaging could often lead to fragmented, out-of-context assessments. Anomalies in isolated areas might be misinterpreted without viewing them in the context of the broader structure. By introducing our innovative aggregated 3D mapping, thermographers can now obtain a holistic view of a property's thermal distribution. This aerial perspective ensures that broader patterns are identified, contextualized, and understood in relation to the overall thermal performance of the structure.

Seize that Moment of Energy Losses

The unpredictable temporal nature of thermal abnormalities posed challenges to timely and effective assessments. Singular evaluations might overlook transient issues, leading to inaccuracies. However, with our advanced temporal view approach, thermographers are empowered to track and anticipate intermittent occurrences of thermal anomalies. This ensures that every momentary deviation is captured and understood, allowing for precise and proactive insulation strategies.

About eneye

We promote decarbonization by Visualizing Energy Loss.
We are passionate about making the invisible visible, heightening awareness among property owners and managers of all sizes, helping them achieve both comfort and energy efficiency.
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Naoto Sakakibara

A passionate hardware engineer with two-times startup experiences. ex-Matterport, WHILL, and SONY. Proven track record of delivering complex systems across multiple application domains and varying tech stacks.

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A Human-Centered Designer with PhD in Informatics.  ex-TOYOTA. Owned a design consulting firm. Hands-on problem solver with both artistic observations and quantitative analyses. Weekend carpenter/architect.